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May 24, 2011
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Yao grabbed his shoulders tightly and sternly said, "Why! Why did you let Lily go back to Russia aru?" Vash was frozen; he didn't know how to respond. Her face softened and said, "You didn't know did you…? Aiya… Before I confuse you more, you need to know Lily was a slave to Prince Ivan of Russia, and as you may know he treats others very brutally. That's why you need to come with me, take her back, make her stay. She probably only left so you didn't have to get involved. She is too kind of a girl to live the life Ivan brought her." She let go of his shoulders and took his hand as she walked out the door. All Vash did was follow without a word. How could Lily have not told him this? How could he let this slip him? All these thoughts were racing through his mind, but all he wanted now was to get Lily back.

On their journey back, they stopped in Warsaw, Poland. There, King Felisk and his queen, Leit, gave the quickest route to Moscow, where Lily and Ivan resided. Also, the queen gave a brilliant idea on how to get Lily back in his arms. Both Vash and Yao agreed to the terms and were given the tool needed for the task. They left Poland soon after.

They passed through Minsk, Belarus. While in Belarus, Yao was called to meet with Empress Natalya. Yao took Vash along in case things got out of control, since the Empress of Belarus was obsessed with Prince Ivan. Natalya was indeed beautiful, but in a way psychotic and insane. Of course Natalya absolutely hated Yao since she was the center of attention of the Prince. They entered the large throne room where the Empress sat in her chair.

Once Yao and Vash were close enough Natalya spoke, "So… why are you in my country, Yao? Usually, Ivan doesn't let you out of his sight let alone let you be with another guy when he isn't around…" she scowled. "You're not cheating are you…?" Her eyes narrowed to Vash who automatically shook his head in response. "Hmm… I may have to tell Ivan and then he will come running to me and we will live happy lives with many children." She smiled as she got caught up in her daydreams.

"Ahem! The reason I'm with Ivan and not you is because I'm not a psychotic maniac who stalked him all his life! He ran from you cause you're too obsessed with him." Yao smirked at what she said.

Natalya clenched her fist and stood. "Well, then since he stalks you, why don't you run away!"

Yao coughed, "I guess… I kind of like it when he does…" She turned her head to the side and fiddled with her fingers as her face turned a slight red.
Natalya narrowed her eyes as if to burn through Yao's head. Vash just stood beside Yao not saying or doing anything. He didn't want to interfere and especially didn't want to get involved. "Get out… of my house…," Natalya said slowly sitting back down.

Vash and Yao turned away to leave and as they walked out, Vash turned around to say something but quickly retreated as a large glass vase was thrown at his head.

Finally, they reached Moscow and were immediately let into the palace. As Vash walked with Yao through the palace, he couldn't wait to face the notorious Russian bear. He clenched his fist tight. The hall that led to the bear's cavern was made of the most beautiful marble, Vash marveled at it. It was polished enough to see your own reflection. Large pillars lined the hall with pictures of past ancestors and their partners. On the ceiling, there were painted angels and in each of their hands held a sunflower. As they approached a large door, Vash noticed a particular painting. It was of Yao and Ivan, Yao seemed happy but he didn't get a good look at the prince.

Once they entered the large doors, there was a magnificent room with large vases filled with sunflowers and much other Russian and Chinese influence, and at the end, there was the bear, resting on his throne. He was strongly built and wore a long, heavy, tan coat with dark green pants with brown boots. He also wore brown gloves and a light colored scarf. His hair was light beige which clashed with his violet eyes. His face seemed so innocent and childish, but Vash knew that his looks were deceiving. Inside he knew the Russian's heart was cold, hard, and petrified.

"Ah, my little porcelain doll finally returns to me," he announced joyfully. He got up from his seat and walked over to the two. "Now what has my Yao-Yao been up to?" His gaze shifted to Vash. "Who may this be, Yao?"

"I'm Vash Arn and I believe you have something very dear to me." Vash reached for the tool they got in Poland, but didn't reveal it just yet. "And I believe I also have something very precious of yours as well…"

Ivan knitted his eyebrows, a bit confused at his statement. In a swift motion, Vash held the tool to Yao's neck. It was a knife. Yao followed the plan they had set and the same went for Vash. Ivan backed away in surprise but soon came to terms and clenched his fists.

"Why you little… If you harm one hair on my Yao-Yao, I swear I'll make your life a living Hell."

"I won't harm a hair on her… If you hand over one of your servants, Lily.

"That's all you want? One of my servants?" He paused for only a second, "Fine it's a deal, but you have to let my princess go first."

"Fine," Vash released Yao from his grip as she rushed over to Ivan with fake tears rolling down her smooth cheeks. He held her tight against his body. "Now, don't forget about our deal." Even though Ivan hated Vash, he always kept promises. He called for Lily who was then handed over to Vash. They left soon after to go back to Switzerland. There, Vash and Lily lived peacefully for many years, now they are proud parents of two children with one on the way. Ivan and Yao have also lived very happily over the years; they are also proud parents of three children and expecting another very soon.
I think i put this under the right category.....
So in English class we had to write our own "Epic Journey"... so since I'm addicted to Hetalia I decided to incorporate some character into it xDDD

Vash - Switzerland
Lily - Liechtenstein
Yao - China
Ivan - Russia
Felisk - Poland
Leit - Lithuania
Natalya - Belarus

I AM FULLY AWARE YAO/CHINA IS A BOY IN THE ANIME! I just thought it would be awkward if my teacher had to read this if I put Yao as a guy...............

Previous - [link]
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"cold, hard, and petrified"- you took that either from Anime Munters (which actually has Mr. Russia in it)or "Scissor Sisters' song "I Can't Decide". hahaha
I must send you the link: greatest AMV ever! [link]
FluffyEmoBunniez May 31, 2011  Student General Artist
JVCJDVKJBDVJB that is the most epic flash I have ever seen... now I know where he got that quote from xDD
FluffyEmoBunniez May 25, 2011  Student General Artist
no actually i was writing this in woodshop and and my friend Justin said to use that phrase to describe him
kittenfly8230 May 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
FluffyEmoBunniez May 24, 2011  Student General Artist
xDD YUSH!!!!
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